DermaForte Wart Away, 2 ml


Medical device. For the treatment of common warts on hands and feet

Ingredients: 50% monochloroacetic acid, 50% purified water.
The benefits:
• Suitable for children from the age of 4
• For the treatment of common warts on hands and feet
• Only 1 treatment per week
• Painless dabbing
• Effective for thick warts on palms of hands and soles of feet as well as persistant warts
• Easy and simple to use
• Child proof packaging
Instructions for use:
Use DermaForte® Wart away only once per week. In order to prevent the skin surrounding the wart from being affected, we recommend protecting the skin surrounding the wart against the corrosive action of the fluid, prior to the treatment, for instance by means of Vaseline or zinc ointment. Apply a small amount of DermaForte® Wart away to the wart using the spatula (do not allow the fluid to drip). Make sure that you only apply DermaForte® Wart away to the wart. Allow it to dry for a moment. There is no need to cover the wart. After a week, the wart will dissolve, layer after layer. The fluid will need a week to dissolve off the top layer of the skin, so you will not see an immediate result after application. After some time the wart cells are destroyed and the wart will get a white colour and will be rejected. Warts are contagious. That is why we do not recommend using the product for more than one person.  Please apply DermaForte® Wart away with utmost care. The solution is caustic.
Content: 2 ml
Manufacturer: Peters Krizman AG, The Netherlands
Representative: UAB Genba Pharma“, Veiverių g. 150, LT-46391 Kaunas, Lithuania