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MoustiCare® bracelet against mosquitos, ticks and other biting midges, N1


32 cm adjustable bracelet.
French laboratory “Oasis“ created a natural-based repellent that works against variuos kinds of mosquitos, ticks, fleas, flies and tropical insects. The operation of repellent‘s natural active substances is approved by the European Union Directive (Directive 98/8/CE.). The studies demonstrated the operation and tolerance of the repellent on your skin. Approved by French Ministry of Health. Since 2006 MoustiCare® is used in endemic areas such as South America, Africa.
Composition: 100 % natural repellent Geraniol (rose and geranium essential oils mixture), concentration 16% (m/m).
Who can use MoustiCare bracelet? Children from the age of  30 months, pregnant women, adults.
It can be used on an ankle by children of 1 year-old in order they do not lick or squeeze it.
In order to get the best results in tropical countries it is recommended to use MoustiCare® spray as well.
How to use the bracelet? The bracelet can be worn on the wrist or on the ankle. Maximum protection is achieved by using two bracelets – on the wrist and on the ankle. Remove the bracelet before going swimming. After use, place the bracelet in a reusable bag.
Precautions: you may experience mild redness or tingling sensation that is a waft and it is related to the effectness of the bracelet. Do not use bracelet if you develop severe irritation. Avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes. Do not use the bracelet if you are allergic to the components.
Manufacturer: Oasis, 64, Jean-Jacques Mention, 80080 Amiens, France
Supplier: UAB "Genba Pharma" Veiverių str.150, Kaunas LT-46391, Lithuania
Use the biocidal products carefully. Each time before use read the label and the information about the product.